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March 2011 Bay Area Home Sales The Best Since 2007

Bay Area March home sales the best since 2007 Numbers signal market could finally be getting its footing again “Home sales catch fire in March” “Local home sales at 5-year high”. Before the cynics accuse me of being a “homer” for the housing market, I have to tell you that these aren’t my words, but […]

This Will “Make Your Year”…Maybe Even Your Decade

I was gifted this amazing link (see below) to start off the new year and decade.  The link provides you the secrets to success in life.  It is inspiring and very motivating.   Trust me, take the time right now and watch this short video – you will be glad you did.  Refresh your memory with what the very successful already know.  I refer […]

America’s Top 25 Towns To Live Well

There are so many lists published every year that it seems that one could spend far too much time reading them, and far less time doing something else worth while.  Frankly, they can be a waste of time unless you really use the lists for a certain purpose.  Seeing that my passion is all about helping people find […]

Money Magazine Picks Best Places To Live??

Money Magazine released their lists of their selected best places to live in the US.  There are several lists such as; towns where there are the most jobs, top 25 places for most affordable homes, 25 best places for singles and places with the cleanest air etc. Their Top 10 Selections for the Best Overall Places to […]