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Atherton Homes for Sale and Pendings

This morning Atherton, CA has 50 homes for sale from $1.695M to $16.800M. 13 Atherton homes for sale are now pending, and expected to close escrow by end of August. Of those 13 homes pending; 4 are between the asking price of $798K to $1.450M, 6 are pending between the asking prices of $2.295M and $2.950M, 1 is pending at the asking price $4.8M, 1 is pending at the asking price of $5.995M, and final pending asking price is $7.9M. Big numbers!   The question continues…have we hit bottom yet?  With pending numbers like that, one could surmise that buyers are feeling there are good values and now is the time to buy in one of the most affluent towns in America.  In the past, Atherton has enjoyed soaring property values.  Given the current inventory of homes left for sale in Atherton, I still think there are good values to buy.  I would personally buy 149 Karen Way as well as a couple of others…

Check out the hotsheets on my website on a daily basis to see what is for sale, what is open for Sunday tour (see under Property tab by community), and the latest monthly average sales prices by community at the bottom of my home page – average prices are not as bad as you would think. or,

I still think it is a great time to buy before interest rates go up and the good values get sold.

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