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Should You Remodel or Buy A New House?

I have recently met several couples at open homes in Menlo Park and Atherton who are trying to determine if they should remodel their existing home or scrap the idea and just buy a new(er) property.  The link below provides facts and perspectives to consider when you are faced with the same decision.

Many Menlo Park and Atherton homes need some sort of remodeling or updating.  I know from personal experience – remodeling is not for the impatient nor for those that have difficulty making design and/or product decisions.  It is very difficult to live through a remodel while you are in the house (trust me on this).  Either the dust, noise or contractors will make you crazy, regret your decision, or make you wish you were on an extended vacation somewhere serene.  Remodeling almost always goes over budget and over the time you expected it to be completed.  Buying a new(er) home is a fixed cost, so you know what to expect, and closing on a property definitely has a fixed time frame. 

If you are considering buying a home in Menlo Park or remodeling an estate in Atherton or Woodside or Portola Valley, I hope you find the link helpful and inspiring.

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