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Money Magazine Picks Best Places To Live??

Money Magazine released their lists of their selected best places to live in the US.  There are several lists such as; towns where there are the most jobs, top 25 places for most affordable homes, 25 best places for singles and places with the cleanest air etc.

Their Top 10 Selections for the Best Overall Places to Live (they are small towns with strong local economies, good schools, affordable homes, and low crime rates) did not include one single California city at all!!  My first thought was, you’ve got to be kidding me?!!!  That top list includes:      

                                     1.  Louisville, Colo.

                                    2.   Chanhassen, Minn.

                                     3.  Papillion, Neb.

                                     4.  Middleton, Wisc.

                                     5.  Milton, Mass.

                                     6.  Warren, N.J.

                                     7.  Keller, Texas

                                     8.  Peachtree City, Ga.

                                     9.  Lake St. Louis, Mo.

                                     10.Mukilteo, Wash.

What were they thinking???  So, why didn’t anyone consider weather in the qualifications of this list??  Doesn’t that affect quality of life?

 If the list above represents the TOP 10 BEST OVERALL PLACES TO LIVE, a huge percentage of the population would include temperate climate in their qualifications.  Gee, why do so many people (not just the retiring couple) move to California?  For the jobs, gorgeous weather, beautiful terrain, strong economy, and low crime rates.  Seems to me, they never made it to the west coast when they were doing their research (maybe they did go to Washington, but so what?)!  Poor reporting or lack of understanding of the weight of the decision for good weather.  Lack of understanding  how perfect living on the Peninsula in the Bay Area really is?

Although California has its’ budget problems, tax issues, expensive real estate and density issues, it still offers a wonderful quality of life and has all of the other qualifications used in the selection.  This is an amazing place to live (do you think maybe that is one of the reasons why real estate is so expensive here?).  I think we need to invite the researchers to tour the state for about a month.  Perhaps researching during November, January or March, when they would not normally want to live in Nebraska, Wisconsin, Washington or Minnesota!!

 Check out the rest of their lists.  See what they are missing….or how far down the lists California cities rate.

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